The Way of the Seed: Earth Spawn of Kalpeon Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Way of the Seed is a trilogy series that begins with Earth Spawn of Kalpeon. Richard Dean Hall establishes an alternate theory to the creation of the world and the rise of civilizations through the introduction of the Kalpeon. These alien forces led by Barjeen, select the way that planets will evolve and in this case their focus is Earth.

Beginning at the dawn of creation the Kalpeon begin seeding Earth and setting up a plan for the growth of a civilized planet. As they set animal life into motion they also establish ways to separate out those they wish to succeed. Viruses are let out and used to destroy the great reptilian beasts, which gives rise to what will eventually become humans. While they do allow for evolution to move of its own accord Barjeen and his team also select those they wish to evolve further. Early in human existence they select Ott and Cha to be drastically improved, though they are both made infertile. These two will be allowed to watch the world grow as an immortal race of being. Over time two other members of their society, Graf and Yaan, are also improved by the Kalpeon. They believe that the beings that made them immortal are some sort of god and are willing to follow any of their instructions. This allows them to see the growth of cities and eventually to be in Egypt during the time of King Tutankhamen.

Hall creates an exceptionally detailed story throughout Earth Spawn of Kalpeon and establishes the ideology that keeps those who are changed by this alien race connected to the beings that changed them. Beyond this rich ideology he also tells a very detailed story that examines early humans and society as a whole. There is love, war, and even a focus on the rise of knowledge. To fully understand the story you will need to pay attention to every detail and truly immerse yourself in the world Hall is creating. If you enjoy alternate realities, aliens, and even just elements of historical fiction with a dash of sci-fi you will find a great read in The Way of the Seed: Earth Spawn of Kalpeon.

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