Eating Across America Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love food? I mean of course you do, who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a cheesy burger or a salty fry. Okay, so mine would have to be a veggie burger, but hey semantics. If you love food, Eating Across America: A Foodie’s Guide to Food Trucks, Street Food, and the Best Dish in Each State is the perfect read for you. Written by YouTube food reviewer, Daymon, Daym Drops, Patterson, this book collects his love of food and his tips for how to experience the best food you can imagine without breaking the bank.

Eating Across America emphasizes the strong family connection that food has, especially for Patterson. He discusses his family’s eating routines as well as how you can use food to connect with those you love and care about. Outside of this message he also discusses how to truly enjoy food and to give yourself new experiences by looking at places you might not have considered. As a YouTuber he has grown famous for reviewing fast food and what many people consider on the go meals from his car. With that in mind the food focus of this book is on meals that aren’t exceptionally fancy or remarkably expensive. Patterson’s goal is to bring you the most flavorful eating experience.

In connection to what you should eat there are discussions of food trucks, food carts, Mom and Pop places, and hole in the wall restaurants. For each type of location Patterson shares why you should indulge and try something new based solely on how the food will taste. Now he does say that if you go into thinking every food item will bring you the same feel that you need to manage your expectations a bit. Every version of a food is different and it may evoke different flavors and feels. Throughout these sections he share some great pictures that were definitely making me hungry while I was reading. For those of you looking for some more direct suggestions Patterson shares his top food trucks and where you can find them and then details the one specific dish you should try in every state. Eating Across America is a fun read for even the most casual foodie and if you are looking for ways to really get the best meal for your buck you should give it a read. You can find Eating Across America: A Foodie’s Guide to Food Trucks, Street Food, and the Best Dish in Each State on sale now.

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