In Defense of Guilt Book Review from @kleffnotes

Benjamin Berkley examines guilt and religious connection in his book In Defense of Guilt. Lauren Hill is a dedicated defense attorney who sees her job as something to triumph at. Each case is a battle and this particular murder trial is one that she thinks she has in the bag, until strange things begin to happen. While in the courtroom Lauren suddenly begins seeing God staring down at her and from that moment on she begins to doubt everything. 

The focus of In Defense of Guilt is technically the murder case in which Lauren is the defense attorney for a Mr. Maze, who has been accused of murdering his wife on a ship. Her client is continuously acting out and fidgeting, but she and her team are doing their best to ensure that he walks. As the trial continues Lauren begins seeing God in the courtroom as well as outside in the city and over the phone. In each moment that she sees Him, Lauren begins to question her own sanity. She though is not the only one struggling with guilt and feeling the presence of God. Maze also thinks he has seen a religious vision and we later learn that Lauren’s daughter has been trying to become more religious. This book emphasizes human connection to not only the spiritual, but to our inner feelings connected to faith.

Berkley creates a story that weaves together a number of different points of view to show a variety of people in connection to Lauren and how they perceive her. While Maze is not as focused on his lawyer they are both experiencing related thoughts, though his are a bit more manic in their appearance. In Defense of Guilt focuses on how Lauren’s behavior is impacting others and is a story that tries to show that what you do and how you choose to behave matters. There are a lot of issues that she is working through and by doing this she is finally coming to understand what is important. You can pre-order In Defense of Guilt today and it comes out on October 24th.

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