Hooked on Hollywood Book Review from @kleffnotes

Leonard Maltin is a well known film historian and reviewer who has written a number of books that examine his love for the silver screen. In Hooked on Hollywood Maltin begins by sharing when and how he became so enamored with Hollywood and how that love evolved into the work he does now. These pages are full of excitement about the industry and share a deep wealth of information that is perfect for film buffs.

Hooked on Hollywood combines article based writing with interview that Maltin was able to have with a variety of actors from throughout the Hollywood world. He examines the work of studios, including Warner Brothers and MGM, and discusses the musically minded attempts to bring Broadway to the big screen. He also examines music within films and the amount of information he provides is truly astounding. He also, later in the book, discusses RKO, which is noted as the forgotten studio, even though they have an impressive assortment of releases, which he discusses in detail.

Outside of history, he shares interviews that he did while a teenager and as an adult. His love of Hollywood truly shines in these moments and he asks questions of some truly impressive figures. I personally was most interested in the interviews with Burgess Meredith and Peggy Weber. As someone who grew up watching The Twilight Zone I am exceptionally familiar with the work of Meredith in that series, but have only really focused on his work there. The interview he did with Maltin shows the tremendous amount of work he did and opened my eyes to his impressive resume. Peggy Weber’s interview struck me for one particular reason, Sherlock Holmes. I have loved that particular detective ever since I was a child and when I saw that she had been on the radio with my favorite Holmes and Watson duo, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, I was excited to read her responses. Leonard Maltin’s deep love of Hollywood shines through in Hooked on Hollywood whether he is talking about the triumphs or the flops of the industry. If you are a devotee of the silver screen you will adore this book! You can find find Hooked on Hollywood on sale now.

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