Kill for Me Book Review from @kleffnotes

Kill for Me is the eighth novel in the Victor series by Tom Wood. This thrilling series focuses on the assassin named Victor who takes on dangerous and deadly jobs and in this new story he has taken a job full of twists, turns, and another hitman. I had not previously read books in this series and even with no foreknowledge of Victor and his assignments I was still completely sucked in and could follow the story easily. If you are a fan of thrillers and killers, even if you’ve never read a book in the Victor series, you should pick up Kill for Me today.

This story begins with a deal gone bad and then transitions readers back in time a bit to establish the timeline of events that led Victor to a deadly double cross. Victor has come to Guatemala to meet with the head of a cartel, Heloise Salvatierra, who wishes to take out her biggest rival. Now this rival isn’t someone from a different cartel, but rather her younger sister Maria, who runs her own portion of the family cartel. Jealousy and a need for more power has pushed Heloise to decide to take out her sister and establish herself as the only patron of their cartel. When she and her associate meet with Victor he agrees to the hit, but has his own very particular rules that she must adhere to. This primary rule is that there can be no other assassins brought in on this, which Heloise initially agrees to. The issue is that Heloise refuses to follow orders from anyone and goes forward with bringing in a second man. This is just the first of many double crosses and twists that happen throughout Victor’s story.

I don’t typically read books focused on assassins, though I do love thrillers. Kill for Me sucked me in with the action from the very first page and Victor’s character kept me hooked. His cool demeanor and his willingness to adapt is interesting to watch in comparison to the other characters in the story. When he is offered changes to his contract he does not show his hand and continues to formulate his own plans, without ever violating his original contract. Victor also protects himself and insists upon showing those who mess with him that they have chosen the wrong person to cross. I also appreciated the introduction of a sort of love interest who partially humanized him. While working Victor is reserved and unflappable, but with the woman he has met he briefly opens up and allows himself to joke with her. Again, even if you’ve never read any other book in the Victor series you can jump in with Kill for Me. You can find this book on sale now!

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