Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and The Fading Creeps Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it felt like real life? For Ben, Marcus, and Avery every night they find themselves in a mysterious world that feels completely and utterly real. In this place each of them has a new persona and together they find themselves working together to save this world from The Fading. Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and The Fading Creeps is a fantastic story that examines the power of your dreams.

Much like our trio of main characters, readers are thrown immediately into the magical world of Meridia. Initially Ben is our primary focus and he is confused by this new world he finds himself in. He can’t remember how he got there, but he immediately has to protect himself from some of the more dangerous inhabitants. He is save from danger by two Elves and another boy, who was trained by the Elves. It turns out that this boy is Marcus and he can’t exactly remember how he came to be in Meridia either. On their quest they find Avery, who is the current Queen Regent, and as they try to find a way to stop The Fading they find themselves in the possession of some very fluffy dragonwoofs.

Throughout this story Marcus, Ben, and Avery are pushed to grow and adapt to the dangers surrounding them in Meridia, but they are also dealing with troubles in the real world. All three are in some way dealing with bullying and struggling with their own family issues. Their connection with each other inside the fantasy world of their dreams helps them to find strength and push themselves to find what they need in the real world. Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and The Fading Creeps is a story full of perseverance and learning about yourself. I would highly recommend this book for young readers, especially those in middle school. Beyond having a strong story, the dragonwoof characters they introduce are also pretty adorable and add some sweetness to the lives of the three questing kids. You can find Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and The Fading Creeps on sale now.

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