Dark & Fetish Art Book Review from @kleffnotes

I want to begin this review by saying that this particular book is for mature readers only. If I had to rate this book the way that we rate movies I would have to give it a very solid R. Now that is not to say that Dark & Fetish Art is not an artfully done book, it is full of beautifully created and composed images, but it is very definitely something that only those 18 and over should read and you should not bring this book along to work unless you happen to work in a very relaxed environment. Dark & Fetish Art is a book that brings together darker artistic elements for those who are comfortable delving into the more macabre and sensual.

The book begins with different examinations of artistic movements delving as far back as the Romantics. As this is from PIE International the book provides all of the text in both Japanese and English. After this discussion of history, Dark & Fetish Art is divided into four sections that are laid out on the back of the book cover. These are: “Fetish Art,” “Dark Art,” “Art Photography,” and “Three-Dimensional Art.” Under each of these sections the artists are credited for their work both on the back and with more detailed discussions of their work within the chapters.

Within the first section of the book I enjoyed two of the artists work tremendously. Tom Bagshaw creates realistic images of women that also blend in mysticism and fantasy. I found his women captivating and their styling within the pieces made me think of gothic fashion models. The other artist that I loved was Nicoletta Ceccoli, whose work focuses on Lovely Lolitas. These cute female figures blend together dark elements with their sweet faces in a way that connected with art that I enjoyed when I was first examining goth and emo connected pieces as a teenager. I was not as large a fan of the Dark Art section, though this speaks a bit to my own personal preferences. There were some very well done photography pieces by Gottfried Hellwein that I paused to enjoy a bit more than other elements within this section. In the third section I was enraptured by the underwater photographs taken by Mira Nedyalkova. Each of the women in her pieces looks so at peace even though being in the water must have been so difficult for these shots. I also was struck by the elaborate elements within Garth Knight’s rope based images. I cannot even begin to imagine how much time was needed to make this pieces. In the final section I enjoyed the pieces created by Danny van Ryswyck and their blend of the dark with the more youthful. If you would like to check out this book yourself you can find Dark & Fetish Art on sale now.

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