Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Laney and her loving wife Celeste must again leave their home and venture out to face danger as representatives of the Lupei. After a gypsy from the missing 15th family arrived in Wexbury begging for help for his family a plan has been made and a group led by the two Soras will head out into the dangerous Westlands to save the Christea people. In Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands Laney will have to face even more danger and darkness than has ever appeared in her life and she fears she may not survive.

I want to begin by saying each addition to the Techromancy Scrolls series is fantastically done and just makes me more and more excited about Schubach’s fantastical world. As Laney contends with a dark and deadly vision that seems to hint that she will not survive the battle to come, she also continues to be the source of goodness that fills these stories with wonder. Celeste and Laney have such a kind and caring relationship and they love each other in such a way that even when danger looms on the horizon they are still able to find peace with each other. Beyond that they have their foster daughter Misty, who has grown even more mischievous and strong since the last book. The care both women show their daughter just fills my heart with happiness.

Within Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands, it is revealed that while the gypsy people and those of Sparo have magic there are others who have managed to evolve technologically without it. We are introduced to Avalon and the people there, who appear to be living a military focused life. They have guns and other weapons that have not appeared in the series before and they do not comprehend how magic even exists. Their deeds are bloody and vile and Laney cannot fathom how they can be such an evil people. As a massive battle looms she finds herself dealing with images of the future and trying to find a way to use her magic to save everyone she loves. If you haven’t yet read the Techromancy Scrolls series you absolutely need too, especially since each book just continues to build upon the amazing world. You can find Techromancy Scrolls: Westlands on sale now.

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