My Life in a Cat House Book Review from @kleffnotes

Gwen Cooper loves all of her furry family member, one of whom even became a social media icon after saving her from an intruder. Her book My Life in a Cat House came together from her work on A Curl Up with a Cat Tale, stories about her cats, and in this first volume she shares stories of the many cats from her life, including the social media famous Homer. If you are a lover of furry things, specifically cats, this book is the perfect read for you.

In her cat filled non-fiction story collection, Cooper discusses her five cats and how they impacted her life and home. The stories involving them involve a variety of situations that many a pet owner may recognize from their own home. Homer does get some of his own stories, including one focused on a missing worm toy that led to a surprising moment with his much larger sister Scarlett. There is also a delightful story in which he is briefly referred to as a dive from when he was doing a tremendous amount of media work following his viral intruder story. There are also stories about the previously mentioned Scarlett, the three legged Clayton, his athletic sister Fanny, the artistic Vashti, and a sixth cat that led Gwen to become the human mom to these fur children.

Each of the stories shared about these cats shows how much Cooper loves them. No matter what happens, whether it be Vashti’s creative peeing on the items of the men in her life, Fanny finding out that she actually loves varieties of food, or Scarlett having an extended period of time in which she reserves any sort of affection, she still loves these cats tremendously deeply. The story that had me both laughing and also covered in goosebumps involved the gift of a rather large cockroach. Cooper’s stories are great reads for a cozy day in, whether you are curled up with a cat or not. You can find My Life in a Cat House on sale now!

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