Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Laney and Celeste are back in the latest addition to the Techromancy Scrolls series, subtitled Avalon. After the discovery of a people who cannot do magic, but instead have the use of what readers would consider modern technology, the people of Sparo and the Gypsy populations are attempting to deal with what has been determined to be an act of war. In an attempt to avoid further deaths and destruction peace talks are being attempted, but these talks lead to a number of changes for all of the people of these changing world.

With a newly blended kingdom the way of rule in Sparo has had to change. Now instead of one king, the Great Mother of the Gypsies is also part ruler. There is a power trade off that occurs in order to maintain balance and to benefit in the blending of what were once to separate societies. When peace talks are taking place in Wexbury it is determined by the attaches of Avalon that the reason a war has begun is because Avalon has wronged not Sparo, but Arcadia and the Twelve Families, who were not citizens of Sparo at this time. This means that the Great Mother must make the peace negotiations. The great surprise to Laney is that the current Great Mother does not believe that she should lead these talks due to her deep seated rage against the people of Avalon and winds up making Laney the Great Mother. With an additional title, Laney is now co-ruler of the newly joined Sparo kingdom and she must go to Avalon and broker peace.

On this diplomatic journey, Laney is joined by her wife Celeste as well as their foster daughters and a collection of their beloved friends and extended family members. What none of them expect is that there are also other people who will appear that they never expected to see again. Laney is growing ever stronger and she is using ever bit of her confidence and inner power to try and create a lasting peace, but Avalon’s leader does not seem interested. Beyond that Laney is shocked to find a villain from her past connected to Avalon. Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon continues to grow the world of Sparo and shows the differences between the newly established Avalon and the world that readers are more familiar with. I found this particular book in the series to be remarkably informative and it gave a deeper look into Laney’s growing confidence and her ability to lead. There was still some fighting, but the book really focuses on the diplomacy that is necessary to create a lasting change. You can find Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon on sale now.

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