Soul Suites Book Review from @kleffnotes

In this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate version of our own reality, Charles Pearson has founded a company designed to help those who have fallen on hard times achieve a stable life. Reaching Dreams is an organization that exists throughout that world and takes in the homeless, but Pearson wants to truly see how his system works. He decides to go undercover as a homeless person and what he uncovers is nothing like what he expected.

Soul Suites establishes itself as a sort of memoir, true story retelling. The introduction is written by the author, but the author presents himself as a former security guard who is now in prison for his involvement in the events that he is recounting. There are sections that reveal evidence connected to the case later in the book, but the storytelling does not fully fit within a first person recounting. Soul Suites moves between a variety of points of view, with a focus on a number of people who are part of a series of experiments. There are also elements added from people investigating what has happened to Charles as well as the guards who monitor the program. While undercover Pearson is picked up by one of his Reaching Dreams vehicles, but instead of winding up at an official facility he wakes up on an operating table. As the story progresses more and more subjects are revealed and the corruption within Pearson’s own company begins to come to light.

This story has a frightening element of realism to it. While currently no official company known as Reaching Dreams exists, it does actually seem possible that this sort of secret experimentation could happen if the right factors were there. Soul Suites uses this element of realism to frighten the reader and pull you deeper into the story. The work being done is horrific and with the added element of an introduction from someone who says he was involved you are enveloped in the story and feel as though the events are happening before you. All of the experiments depicted are horrifying and some of them had me tremendously on edge as I was reading the book. If you are interested in thrillers that blend sci-fi with realistic realities you should check out Soul Suites, on sale today.

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