Field Notes on Love Book Review from @kleffnotes

Hugo is one of a set of six siblings and not just any siblings, a set of sextuplets who happen to be pretty famous in Surrey, England. He and his girlfriend, Margaret Campbell had planned an epic train trip from New York to California as a way to spend some time together before she flew across the pond to go to Stanford. The issue is that before their trip Margaret breaks up with Hugo, but decides he should keep the tickets. While this is very generous it turns out that everything is in Margaret’s name and nothing can be transferred to someone else. What Hugo needs is another Margaret Campbell and it turns out there are a couple of them in American, one who happens to be looking for a bit of adventure in her life. Field Notes on Love is a sweet and wonderful story of what happens when you let yourself experience life.

When Hugo finds himself in need of a new Margaret Campbell he takes to the internet and posts an ad seeking someone to help him go on his trip. Now this is a daring move in and of itself, but beyond that this is the first time Hugo will be traveling basically by himself and the first time he will be in the United States. Mae Campbell happens to be from New York and on her way to California for college. When her friend forwards her Hugo’s posting as a joke she winds up deciding that she wants to throw her hat into the ring. She knows that her dads won’t approve, but her Nana is completely on board. When she finally hears back from Hugo Mae finally has a chance to experience more and maybe create a new movie that will help her transfer to the film program she recently learned she didn’t originally get into. Over the course of their trip Hugo and Mae find themselves connecting and through Mae’s decision to take field notes on love they become part of the love stories of their fellow travelers. With love all around them, Mae and Hugo find themselves growing closer and maybe even finding a connection they never expected to find.

Field Notes on Love is such a well created love story. By moving between Hugo and Mae’s points of view you are able to see how each of them are being influenced by the other. Beyond feelings growing between the two of them, they are both finding out something new about their personalities. Hugo, who is the youngest sextuplet, is finding a way to become independent and to be his own person outside of his multiples identity and Mae is allowing herself to open up and become more engaged with the people around her. While Field Notes on Love is a YA book, the romance is so sweet between Hugo and Mae and outside of that the story delves into some heavier topics of change and loss. If you are a fan of romance you will fall in love with this book. Field Notes on Love will be out on March 9th 2019, you can pre-order your copy today!

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