The 1-Minute Writer Book Review from @kleffnotes

You can add a little bit of creativity to your every day Leigh Medeiros’ The 1-Minute Writer: 396 Microprompts to Spark Creativity and Recharge Your Writing. In her book she provides you with a variety of inventive prompts to help you get in writing time no matter how busy your day is. Whether you are someone who loves to write or just looking for a new way to grow creatively this is the perfect addition to your collection.

The 1-Minute Writer includes 99 themes and each of these themes has 4 different parts that allow you to focus on creating something within a variety of time spans. Depending on your day or just how you are feeling you can write for 1, 5, 10, or 20 minutes. In her description of how these prompts work, Medeiros explains that the first prompt span may only result in a few sentences, but that the longer prompts can lead to a page or more. The 20 minute prompt is meant to be a much more extensive process and allow you to really dig into writing. The collection of prompts are broken down into three sections: Observations, Imagination, and Memory. Each section allows you to focus on a different kind of writing by other observing what is around you, conjuring something completely from your imagination, or looking back at your past for inspiration.

Beyond just prompts, Medeiros gives suggestions for getting involved in daily writing, which includes some really great tips like let allow your writing to wander and embrace whatever happens. I also think this particular tip is just useful for every day life or any creative project because if you let yourself explore new things that can lead to new and inventive experiences. My favorite theme is Time Sensitive, which includes four really interesting prompts all focused on some sort of time restraint. The 1 and the 20 minute prompts in particular are the ones I was most drawn to and involve a character of your creation being abandoned in a foreign country and a woman finding a mysterious package that she has 72 hours to find out the meaning behind. The prompts throughout are inventive and each of the themes will push you to create something that might fall outside of your comfort zone. You can get your copy of The 1-Minute Writer: 396 Microprompts to Spark Creativity and Recharge Your Writing today!

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