Lone Soldier Book Review from @kleffnotes

Leo M. Rozmaryn creates a complex and tremendously detailed story that finds a way to draw together the ideas of love, self discovery in war through the focus of two young people who connect at a summer camp. Arik and Dahlia are such different people, but as they both discover there is something between them that is stronger than they could have ever expected. Lone Soldier shares their journey and delves into a variety of complex issues including racism, prejudice, and the Arab Israeli conflict, specifically between 1969-1974 with a combination of fictional and true elements.

The physical book for Lone Soldier is an impressive over 600 page work that admittedly will take a bit of time to get through. Rozmaryn has made sure to provide a great deal of details about his characters while also working to share as much about the Modern Orthodox Jewish community as well as events occurring within the Middle East as well as in the United States during this specific time period. You will find yourself being presented with a lot of information and in order to fully take it all in you may want to read this book a bit more slowly and make sure you aren’t missing any of the detail that Rozmaryn has included.

His main characters, Arik and Dahlia are from two very different worlds. Arik is working to understand who he is and is just now beginning to embrace his connection to Judaism, while Dahlia has been raised within a very upper class home that is very strict in their beliefs. When the two meet at a Jewish summer camp they feel they are destined to be together. As their lives change the pair are forced apart and without each other their lives seem to spiral. Dahlia becomes drawn into a dangerous world of drugs and sex, while Arik is focusing on military service. So much happens to them, yet they find themselves  connecting with each other again in a variety of slightly unexpected situations. Lone Solder will appeal to those who enjoy historical fiction work and even more specifically to those who enjoy very detailed works. You can purchase your copy of Lone Soldier today.

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