Junction Book Review from @kleffnotes

A strange change has happened in New Guinea and Japanese nature show host Daisuke Matsumori is pulled into the exploration of a life time. Junction introduces a dangerous new world of the same name that can only be accessed through a wormhole. With a number of countries vying to determine what this area is and how they can control it Daisuke is drawn into a dangerous place full of dangerous people.

Daisuke never expected to find himself exploring a brand new world, but he has very little choice when his team tells him they are headed to Junction. Once they arrive they are made part of an interesting collection of people who are charged with finding out more about this new place. Junction is surprisingly populated by people known as The Nun and the Earthen exploration group has their own guide, who they aren’t sure they can trust. The farther they travel into this world the less the group trusts each other and the fear rises that someone is actively trying to kill off members of the group. As Daisuke works to understand the world around him he also begins falling for the scientist who has been actively working to study this place. With danger rising Daisuke and Anne, the scientist, begin to grow closer and they must both try and survive this strange new world.

Junction was an interesting read that involved an extensive amount of world building. Daniel M. Bensen has crafted a remarkable new world and what is so great about this creation is that he presents it through the lens of explorers. While their guide knows what is around them and there are moments when she describes the environment and creatures, primarily Bensen uses the other characters and their reactions to what is around them as a way to describe the place named Junction. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend Junction to sci-fi fans, especially those who enjoy alien worlds. Junction from Flame Tree Publishing is available now.

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