The Haunting of Henderson Close Book Review from @kleffnotes

Henderson Close was once a grim and crime filled place, but in the present day it is a tourist attraction with costumed guides who share the histories of this once dark place. When Hannah decides to make a change and apply for a job as a costumed guide she thought she had found her dream job, but there is something sinister lurking around Henderson Close. In 1891 a woman named Miss Carmichael was murdered and it appears that she is not the only spirit tied to this specific place. What is lurking inside the pages of The Haunting of Henderson Close is something far more evil than just a murderer.

During her dress rehearsal test for her new job, Hannah insists that she saw something that wasn’t really there. Later she finds a commonality concerning strange things in Henderson Close with a co-worker named Mairead. With construction happening odd things continue to happen and both women find themselves dealing with a strange dark energy and also with large periods of lost time. The more they try and understand what is happening at Henderson Close the more they begin to think that a powerful demonic force from legend, Auld De’il may have found a way to escape into the real world.

The Haunting of Henderson Close will continuously keep you guessing about what is real and what has happened to each of the characters. Hannah tries her best to understand and battle the energies that keep invading her life, along with the help of a man named George. When Mairead vanishes the two work intensely to try and figure out what has happened to this young woman with a strange similarity to the long dead Miss Carmichael. Mairead’s plot is the most complex and eerie within the book and I found myself constantly trying to figure out just what was happening to her and how she connected to the spirits around her. This book is a frightening read that I would definitely recommend for horror fans and ghost story lovers. You can find The Haunting of Henderson Close on sale now.

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