The Bi Line: New Year, New You and Terrible Tropes from @kleffnotes

Normally I don’t really write articles that delve into what I disliked about a piece of pop culture, but after watching New Year, New You on Hulu I just kept fixating on how much this movie frustrated me. This movie came out as part of the Into the Dark series and acted as their January holiday themed feature. Based on the trailer I was really looking forward to checking this new addition out, especially since I really enjoyed the other movies they’d released. When I started the movie I was enjoying it and relishing in the fact that this was an all female horror movie cast, until the first death happened and I started fuming.

New Year, New You takes place primarily on New Year’s Eve and focuses on four friends who are reuniting to ring in the new year together. I’m going to be delving into some major spoilers so be warned if you have any interest in watching this movie. One of them, Danielle, has become a social media mogul and focuses on being your best self, but Alexis, her oldest friend, has grown to hate her. Alexis blames Danielle for the death of a girl that she feels Danielle emotionally tortured into committing suicide. With their mutual friends Chloe and Kayla she has planned to destroy Danielle after the clock strikes midnight. During the course of the evening we learn that Kayla, who is the only character of color, is a lesbian and just recently came out and began dating. She and her girlfriend are planning on moving in with each other and she shares how happy she is. Now once Alexis’ plan goes into motion it inevitably goes sideways. She amps up her behavior toward Danielle and in response Danielle pulls out her own bag of tricks. When Kayla leaves the room to talk to her girlfriend and try and calm down, Alexis follows her and Danielle uses that moment to pull out her deadly personality. While Alexis wants revenge, Danielle wants to survive and thrive and uses Chloe to help her escape. The audience then learns that Danielle is willing to do anything to maintain her position of power and popularity, even if that means murder.

What follows is everything that led me to suddenly hate this movie. After Danielle gets Chloe to join Team Murder and help her try and find Alexis and Kayla, who are trying to get away from them, a confrontation happens that leads Chloe to accidentally kill Kayla. Seriously the first person to die is both a lesbian and the only non-white main character. Chloe briefly feels shocked that this happened, but with help from Danielle she is able to cope with the fact that she just killed one of her best friends and then continues to go down murder road. You see Kayla’s girlfriend is worried about her after they video chat and decides to come check in on her. When she knocks on the door Danielle decides that this gives her the perfect opportunity to get away with everything. She manipulates Chloe into killing the girlfriend and says that they’ll tell the cops that Kayla recently broke up with her and that in a fit of rage the now ex-girlfriend came to the house and murdered not only Kayla, but also Alexis, once they get a hold of her. Not only do both lesbians die, but they become the scapegoats for these insane acts. When the movie ends, this is the major spoiler, Alexis has managed to survive and has killed both Chloe and Alexis, though one of those was an accident. Using Danielle’s previous media influence she is able to achieve her dream of being a star, but what made me the most angry was that she uses Danielle’s lie to get sympathy. The movie ends with Alexis blaming Kayla’s girlfriend for everything that happened that night.

When I realized that was actually how they were going to end the movie I almost flipped my laptop, but I didn’t because I am not destroying my computer even if according to Netflix’s Bandersnatch that is practically always the best option. Alexis had the opportunity to share how they had all been victims of Danielle, but instead chose to keep with a lie that made a completely innocent woman into a villain. Beyond that I was just frustrated because it seemed as though everyone had bought the lie, even though Kayla and her girlfriend were very much in love and I don’t see how people wouldn’t have known that. Based on the use of social media in this movie one or both of them had to have accounts and they must have been posting about their relationship prior to that evening. While I was really enjoying the Into the Dark franchise now I’m wondering if I even want to give any more of these movies a watch if this is the sort of content that appears in them.

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