How to Fall In Love Book Review from @kleffnotes

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is a romantic story focused on what might seem like an unlikely pair brought together by the forces of love. How to Fall in Love isn’t a how to book, though there are some things within these pages that could help you grow love within a relationship. Cupid does his part to make an epic love story and like any good romance there are always some obstacles that you have to overcome.

Cupid is shocked when his boss Jove informs him that he’s planning on laying him off. With the world so focused on online dating and romance happening in a way that he thinks is easy, Jove just can’t see a reason for Cupid to keep acting as a magical matchmaker. In an attempt to save his position the cherub insists that he can get two people to fall in love in an exceptional romance. This is where Eve and Evan come in and Cupid has his hands full trying to get this big job to work. While they think they have met by chance at a ballet, this kicks off their journey of love. Even though there is an immediate connection nothing works as smoothly as Cupid had hoped. There are other love interests, personal tragedies, and even some deep deception that push Eve and Evan apart. Cupid is on edge as he tries to keep this couple together as everything around them seems to be constantly falling apart.

How to Fall in Love checks a lot of rom-com boxes, with a slightly stronger emphasis on romance. Eve and Evan feel a strong need to be together, but they keep being pushed apart. What makes this story unique is the reliance on letters. Evan’s character is an anthologist who is currently working on an anthology of love letters and personally believes that letters have their own soul. While they are navigating their new relationship, Evan and Eve write letters and also rely on the letters of historical people to connect with each other. The drama in this story will have you wondering if there will actually be a happy ending or if Cupid might be out of a job. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day read and you can get your copy of How to Fall in Love today.

To celebrate the release of their book the authors, Dalma Heyn and Richard Marek, are hosting a best love letter contest. The winner gets a rose gold Tiffany ring, which is a pretty great prize. The contest runs until April 30th and all you have to do to enter is following these steps:

  1. Bare your soul in writing (okay, that part might not be all that easy).
  2. Send your love letter to us at
  3. That’s it! (You might, of course, want to share the love letter with the person you were writing it to, but that’s entirely up to you.)

Full rules can be found here.

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