Pilgrim Tale (The Pilgrim Trilogy) Book Review from @kleffnotes

In the future you can live forever, but not everyone is able to live the Beautiful Life. In the world of Pilgrim Tale, the first book in The Pilgrim Trilogy, Michael Pilgrim and his community find themselves having to cope with the dangerous powers that are stronger than them and the technology they wield. As he tries to save his village, Michael most make it through a year of difficult and dangerous moments that will have everyone in danger.

The Five Cities are full of perfect people and remarkable technological advances. In the 22nd century certain portions of the population have been able to create eternal lives for themselves, so long as they stay on the right side of the authoritative regime and stay within the advanced places. Baytown and the main protagonist, Michael, are in the decaying lands outside of these pristine cities and they must cope with the dangers of not being part of Beautiful life there. when new powers take over and their village falls into terrible troubles Michael tries to find a way to save everyone he cares for.

Outside of the quest of the hero, there is an examination of what it would mean if society chose to begin selectively choosing the people who would prosper and how technology can be used to subjugate those who are seen as less than perfect. I am a huge fan of The Uglies series from Scott Westerfeld and that is what led me to check out Pilgrim Tale. Beyond having happy Beautiful people there are also those living in exile and who have been mutated for acting against the higher powers. I enjoyed this element of world building and am curious to see more of the technology and science behind how this change in human evolution occurred. With the events of this book, no spoilers, there could be some very serious changes happening outside the Five Cities. Tim Murgatroyd has created a very rich world that has already provided a plethora of interesting ideas and topics that can be used throughout the series. Pilgrim Tale (The Pilgrim Trilogy) comes out on March 21st.

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