Hunter Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Hunter is a horror/thriller feature focused on a former professional fighter who is now homeless following the brutal deaths of his mother and sister. Not only is he grieving them, but he is also trying to cope with the knowledge that vampires killed them. With his memory trying to show him what really happened they night he lost everything and a new therapist and friend pushing him to work things out Hunter is drawn deep into a fight against the evil stalking the streets of Chicago in this movie.

I previous reviewed just the trailer of Hunter for The Nerdy Girl Express and was intrigued by the character of Hunter and the fight he had ahead of him. Jason Kellerman brings together feelings of grief, frustration, and at a certain point hope and determination in his performance as Hunter. He is also able to pull of a great deal of physical work in both fighter flashbacks and in his attempts to stop the vampires in his city. While I was watching I was struck with how Kellerman, primarily when he has a beard,  kept reminding me of Keanu Reeves. There is just something about him that just kept leading me to think of Reeves and I actually do think fans of the John Wick franchise as well as The Matrix would enjoy Hunter.

While there are evil beings hunting in Chicago a lot of the focus is on how Hunter will work through the grief and guilt he has been overwhelmed by for the roughly ten month period following the deaths of his mother and sister. Rachel Cerda as Danni brings hope to Hunter’s life and also shares a dark history of her own. Hunter was an engaging watch that included a story hero’s arc throughout the story. Beyond that the villains were frightening and eerie in their behavior, which is always a plush for me. The ending of the film will leave you interested in what is to come for Chicago and possibly even the world. If you are a vampire film fan you should check out Hunter as soon as it releases tomorrow on Amazon and iTunes.

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