Apocalypse 5 Book Review from @kleffnotes

In a world where you are raised with just a number for a name being chosen to be part of the Apocalypse 5 changes everything. With the Earth below considered to be dangerous and deadly, the 5 are sent into simulations to be the champions of Earth. Whenever a member of the 5 dies they are instantly replaced by a new recruit and in Apocalypse 5:( Archives of the Fives Book 1) we are introduced to Detroit and her Apocalypse 5 team who learn more about Earth and their role as the chosen 5 than any other team before them.

At the start of Apocalypse 5, Detroit is selected to be the team leader of the newest Apocalypse 5 following the death of a full team during a simulation. With their intense training, her team has managed to stay alive as a full team longer than any other ever has. After a simulation goes poorly, Detroit is punished with a solo simulation which leaves her confused. Instead of having to either destroy humanoids, robot and human hybrids, or do something that she believes will benefit Earth she finds herself in a small village. Detroit starts to wonder where she is and why she has been sent her and after running to her pod she looks to her team for answers. When they take their concerns to their leader, Chancellor Washington, the team finds themselves on the run and on the actual Earth. From there they must try and understand what lies they’ve been told and how they can truly be champions of Earth.

Apocalypse 5 is the perfect read for fans of dystopian YA works like The Hunger Games or Divergent series. Detroit is a strong and confident lead character who pushes herself tremendously for her team. With the pageantry of being part of the chosen she can’t tell what is truly real and she struggles with having feelings for another member of the Apocalypse 5, Houston. The world building and the use of technology to create this society is eerie and does seem plausible in a sense. Deception has been used by the government to keep multiple populations in different states of confusion. Washington is a terrifying villain who adds the perfect level of menacing terror to the story and this is a story you won’t want to miss. You can purchase your copy of Apocalypse 5 today!

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