@ClexaCon Workshops Feature from @kleffnotes

ClexaCon is often emphasized as a place to indulge in your fandoms, but it is also an educational experience. There are a number of featured workshops including Improv for Confidence Building with Natasha Negovanlis, Speed Pitching: Pitch to Production by Tello Films, and Unlocking Your Creative Core with Elise Bauman, but there are also smaller workshops being run by attendees of the convention. I wanted to highlight the work of the people who are going to this convention, not just to fan, but to share their knowledge with other attendees.

Escape to Gain Safety is being led by Brenna Frandsen and Sam Campbell. This is the second panel that has been hosted focused on being safe, in 2018 Megan Smith hosted a self defense workshop. This year the focus will be emphasize recognizing danger and how to get to safety if you are part of the LGBT2s+ community.

Marketing and Selling Lesbian Fiction is being run by award-winning authors Barbara Ann Wright and Carsen Taite. The focus will be on helping people who have written a novel with LGBTQ+ characters as the lead find a way to get their work out there through marketing and sales. There will also be a Queer Women Writers Workshop including  Kimberly Astudillo Amato, Jenn T Grace, B Danyelle Watkins, K Rocco Shields and moderator Robyn Vie Carpenter-Brisco which will help look at how to be a writer and how to get your work published.

You can find out more about these workshops and other panels and events at ClexaCon on their official website. ClexaCon has also recently updated their Accessibility page to reflect their current policy, which was updated based on input and concerns from attendees and accessibility advocates. You can find all of the updates on their Accessibility page.

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