The Dreams of Ida Rothschild from @kleffnotes

Moving through past and future The Dreams of Ida Rothschild is the third and final volume of the original trilogy about the Screenmasters and the world of W. Mahlon Purdin. The story within this book focuses on a young girl named Ida Rothschild who is granted a new life in a new form by the Emers. This world blends sci-fi with historical fiction on a captivating way.

After a life she never wanted being forced upon her Ida Rothschild believes that suicide is her only answer. When she does die though her life does not actually end. While she will no longer be part of humanity, she becomes a robotic entity designed by the Emers. She is able to maintain her own memories, but can also see so much more. Her new abilities allow her to see the future and delve into the past. There are so many characters and relationships within The Dreams of Ida Rothschild which draws in a variety of elements. Ida is connected to many of them and in her new form she works to understand her connection to these people and just what they all are.

Purdin has created a tremendously complex world within the pages of this book that draw together so many different ideas from the genre of sci-fi. This is not a short read, but does provide you with a world that is tremendously immersive. With Ida’s character Purdin is able to show the evolution of the human race and how it has connected to the Emers. We also get to see how a society that can move through time and space can create new and diverse families. Children are born in a variety of ways and relationships evolve through the ability to re-experience different moments in your life. This series is the perfect read for dedicated science fiction fans and those looking for a deep world to explore. The Dreams of Ida Rothschild is on sale now.

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