The Window and the Mirror Book Review from @kleffnotes

Henry Thomas introduces readers to a brand new world of fantastical elements in the first book in the Oesteria and the War of Goblinkind series. The Window and the Mirror is focused on a soldier named Joth who is tasked with protecting and traveling with a young woman on a diplomatic mission of sorts. After her tribe is attacked by Joth’s people a deal is made that could benefit all of them, as long as he can get her to a distant city in time.

After an attack in a village led by a man named Mage Imperator Rhael Lord Uhlmet, Joth is put in a difficult position. This powerful man has been captured and his friend has been injured as the Oestermen under Uhlmet fled from the Day Tribe, whom they had attempted to attack. When Joth is found a deal is struck in which Joth’s friend will be cared for and the leader of his Oestermen force will be kept alive so long as he can take Eilyth, the mystical daughter of the leader of the tribe, to try and broker peace. When he takes the deal the unlikely pair begin to grow closer as they have to try and survive and fight against forces that do not want this peace to go through. Along the way they make friends and even travel on a great airship. While they are seeking peace, Uhlmet has found a way to try and grow his own power through dark and deadly magics. This book is a thrilling start to what appears to be a surprising series.

The Window and the Mirror is set in a fantastical world, but some of the technology reminds me a bit of the steampunk genre. As Joth finds himself doubting everything he has done in his work to protect Oesteria, he is also trying to understand the Day Tribe people, especially Eilyth. As they spend more time together he begins to grasp how her powers work and I am curious to see what else she can do with her innate skills. Uhlmet is also a well done villain, who has such a deep capacity for evil that I am curious to see going forward. You can find The Window and the Mirror on sale starting April 30th.

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