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The Price for Silence examines a number of deep topics through the lens of a troubled young woman and her upper class family. Lynn Mancinelli stars as Kira Flynn, who is struggling to confront her past in order to keep it from continuing to drag her down. She is surrounded by talented actors including Richard Thomas, Emrhys Cooper, and  Kristin Carey. This emotional work is just at the start of its festival tour, but it is sure to impress viewers.

With the death of her father, Kira has to return home and deal with everything that she left behind. While she may not be able to stand her mother, she and her brother have a bond that allows her to open up to him more than anyone else. Lucas tries to act as a buffer between the two women in his family, but he can only do so much during the period surrounding the funeral. Throughout all of the grieving Richard Davenport, the head of the Davenport family, is there for Kira’s mother and he and his family have been providing a great deal of support. This help though pushes at Kira’s repressed past and she finds herself grappling with trying to cope as her attempts at walling everything off begin to crumble.

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From the very start of the movie Mancinelli captures your attention as Kira. As she prepares to go to her therapist, which is her first stop before she heads back home, she aggressively brushes her hair and the strain she is dealing with just in that moment will keep you from being able to look away. Throughout the movie she allows herself to fully embrace such a spectrum of emotions that you will be moved to tears by everything she is coping with. Even the most fleeting moments reveals how much she has forced herself to bury. Carey is also phenomenal as the grieving widow, who feels the death of her husband and only love as the loss of her entire life. The Price for Silence is a movie that forces you to confront the dark and terrible things that can happen behind closed doors and to see the impact of trauma years after it occurs. While it may not be a comfortable watch, it is spectacular in what it achieves.

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One thought on “The Price for Silence Movie Review from @kleffnotes

  1. I was one of the extras who was in the hall sequence. Wondering when this movie is opening up and in what cities?

    Thank you

    Fred T


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