Babylon Twins Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cloe and Elizabeth Yetti are the twin daughters of one of the great minds behind a great AI connected system. One day while they are at school their mother rushes in and insists that they need to run and keep their eyes away from any screens. After this moment the twins, their younger brother, and their mother are on the run from an out of control AI that has started a world takeover. Babylon Twins is the first book in a trilogy focused on Clo and El, often referred to as CloEl, and their fight to take down the out of control technology.

This book is set in California and moves between the forests of Northern California and San Francisco. After running away from all technology CloEl’s Mama has set up a home for them in the seclusion of the woods where they all live off of the land. After ten years of safety, Santa Claus suddenly appears. Yes, you read that right, Santa Claus appears and Mama tells her children he has to die. With the rise of AI and addiction to AI, attempts were made to cure the populace, but this cure backfired. Now humans have been drugged and in many cases turned into strange robot like beings. After the Santa attack, Mama says she has to leave and insists she will return. After months of just the twins and their brother in the woods a strange vampire deer that talks attacks them and CloEl has to rescue their brother and make a break for it. They make their way to San Francisco and begin to learn how truly dystopian the world has begun. CloEl use their innate skills for fighting and violence to lead a plan of attack against the dangerous technology that is intent on controlling all of humanity.

Babylon Twins has to do a lot of set up for the universe of this trilogy and it manages to do it well through the communication between Clo and El. Typically I would refer to these characters independently, but throughout the plot they insist that they are the sort of twins who act as a unite. This connection is further deepened by their isolation in the forest as well as their ability to continue using a twin language into later life. The dystopian world in Babylon Twins is frightening and believable. With the rise of technology it does seem more and more likely that humans will become dangerously reliant on being connected to devices. CloEl are equal parts violent and snippy, their dialogue is fun to read and they don’t care how they are perceived by the people around them. They also care deeply for each other and their younger brother, who they refuse to let fall into the clutches of a strange and growing virus known as Babble. If you are a fan of science fiction, particularly dystopian fiction you should check out the world of CloEl. You can buy your copy of Babylon Twins today.

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