The Bi Line: Lip Service from @kleffnotes

Sometimes suggested watching on streaming services can be helpful, especially when they lead you to a series that you’ve never heard of before. Lip Service is a British television drama set in Glasgow, Scotland which was literally described by Hulu as like The L Word. When I first started the show I was struck with a tremendous amount of deja vu, not because of the plot, but because of the styling of the main character, Frankie.

The beginning of Lip Service feels very The L Word and what makes this comparison so easy to make is that Frankie looks like she could be a blonde Shane. While she isn’t a hairdresser, she is a photographer, which gives her very intimate access to women. Instead of solely introducing us to her character, instead the show starts by showing us how sexual Frankie is. This is definitely not the only time characters get steamy and in just two short seasons there might even be more sex per minute than The L Word. That is totally a guess, but you are very much getting some quality bang for your buck with this show. Outside of the sexy times, the plot of the show initially focuses on Frankie receiving a mysterious phone call from her suddenly deceased aunt, who raised her, saying that she has something she needs to tell her. This prompts Frankie to fly to Glasgow, where she will have to contend with not only family issues, but also former relationships.

Lip Service’s first season is much more focused on Frankie and as the mystery her aunt was keeping from her unfolds, she also tries to figure out what feelings she still has for her ex, Cat. The two have so much between them, but Cat has been trying to move on. This all gets more and more difficult as she grows closer to a new girlfriend she meets through a dating site, Sam. This triangle of feelings lasts into season two, but there is so much more drama than just with Frankie, Sam, and Cat. My favorite character of the series is absolutely Tess. An aspiring actor who winds up in a relationship with a closeted actress. The first season shows Tess trying to figure out how to be happy in love and in her career and into season two she is given more screen time. She is such a fun character and while not all of her plots are happy, you root for her as you watch her grow.

I don’t want to spoil too much, in case you haven’t seen this series yet, but I will say not all of the characters from season one are in all of season two. They do bring in new characters for the second season and they give one character way more screen time, which leads to a very messy kitchen sex scene in one episode, but you can see Tess in every episode of the series. If you haven’t seen Lip Service, I think it makes the perfect watch as you wait for The L Word Reboot. There are definitely some parallels between the characters in both shows and does have plenty of surprises in store. You can find Lip Service on Hulu.

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