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Mike Papantonio brings his real life experience as a lawyer to the pages of Law and Addiction. Besides being a writer, Papantonia is a senior partner of Levin Papantonio, which is one of the biggest plaintiffs’ law firms in America focused on Big Pharma, tobacco, and automotive cases. The firm is taking action against wholesale distributors and manufacturers of opioids. In his fictional work, Law and Addiction, his main character is also devoted to recovering the immense damages that have been caused by opioid distribution in West Virginia and Ohio.

Papantonio shares a great deal of information concerning opioid addiction in the United States, but does so in a way that balances it with a thrilling legal story. Law and Addiction focuses on Jake Rutledge, who after the death of his fraternal twin brother, pursues action against companies connected to opioids. The death by overdose of his brother pushes him to find higher level contacts and as he travels along the dangerous path to trial he is met with tremendous highs and lows. When he reconnects with a woman named Anna, who had been a friend of his growing up, he learns that she is addicted to opioids, but pushing herself to get clean. He also is approached by shady figures who want to keep him quiet, by any means necessary. Jake is always committed to his goals and his desire to help those who have suffered in the way his brother did makes for an exceptional story.

Law and Addiction shares a number of different images of addiction through a variety of examples. Some appear as characters like Anna and Blake, but examples are also given of larger populations that have been impacted. This book not only speaks to how insidious the rising rates of opioid addiction are within American culture, but it shows how the people who find themselves addicted to these drugs find themselves in the situations they are in. The book also keeps you on edge, with a variety of dangerous events appearing and impacting the main character. I found myself very surprised by a number of twists and turns. Papantonio is trying to show the many sides of addiction and his desire to help people through this book and also his real life legal work is highly commendable. You can pre-order your copy of Law and Addiction today.

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