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The Austin Paradox is the second book in Miracle Man series focused on genius, Dr. Robert James Austin. While his medical cures have saved millions a laboratory explosion has made him lose his extraordinary skills. This book focuses on his journey of self-discovery as he contends with forces that are acting against all of humanity.

Now living under a new name with his family, Robert James Austin is questioning if he will ever be able to return to his former intellectual prowess. As he pushes himself to try and get his mind back he begins to learn that there are people in power actively working against him. There are those who believe he snapped and blew up his own lab, based on videos that he insists are doctored, but as he pushes his mind he starts to feel like his old self again. As he pushes himself back into his work, which is focused on curing HIV, his wife is trying to help him, while also worrying about his mental state. From inside the walls of a prison another man is also focused on disease. Colum McAlister may have failed in his plan to kill Robert James Austin, but he has not given up. With the help of dangerous people he is planning to unleash a virus that only he and his partners will be able to cure, which will bring in a tremendous amount of money. These men with their minds on disease will cross paths again as the world erupts in fear around them.

Mixing medicine, fears of Big Pharma, and the desire to change the world The Austin Paradox creates a narrative that examines human desires and fears through the lens of disease. Bobby Austin is an interesting lead character who struggles with the power of his own mind as well as the uncertainty of what may lie beneath his intelligence. He frequently suffers from night terrors and when he becomes fixated on his work there is something about his focus that frightens his wife. He is not a perfect man and while he may be a genius he is not someone who is comfortable or even able to live a completely normal life. The Austin Paradox is eerie in that the events could actually occur and the threat of biological terrorism is something that is truly frightening in this day and age. This book is very detailed and full of diverse and detailed characters. If you enjoy a thriller this is a read you should check out. You can purchase your copy of The Austin Paradox today.

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