The Isle of Gold Book Review from @kleffnotes

One drunken night an orphan with no idea of her past makes the dramatic choice of joining the crew of the infamous Captain Winters. While joining his crew disguised as a man is already a task, Winters’ ship is set out on a dangerous journey from which it and the crew may never return. The Isle of Gold is a thrilling read that blends together legends of the ocean with a story that will keep you enthralled.

For a majority of The Isle of Gold the lead character is referred to by her fake name, Westley Rivers. In her new persona she is accepted as a member of the crew of the Riptide and slowly begins to learn how to survive on the high seas. They journey they are undertaking is one entrenched in love, but that does not keep it from being exceptionally dangerous. The beautiful Evangeline Dahl has disappeared and her love, Captain Winters, insists that she has been taken by the sea. In order to be with her again he insists that he and his crew must sail to the Isle of Gold, a place that it is believed no one has ever been able to return from. Over the course of their journey, Westley, who was given the name Merrin Smith as a child, begins to feel changes in her body and as it becomes harder to hide her true identity she begins to learn that the sea is full of secrets and so is the crew she sails with.

Seven Jane has written a captivating story that combines mythology and legend together into an all new tale of the allure of the sea. The story is just too good to give anything away, but I will say elements of Greek mythology appear as well as a certain ship that is forever cures to sail the seven seas. As Merrin’s true identity slowly reveals itself to the reader so to does a story of love, revenge, and obsession that will keep you on your toes with every twist and turn. I honestly recommend this book for any reader regardless of your preferred genre. It has so many different intermingling elements that whether you like romance, action, fantasy, and even some elements of horror you will love this book. You can set out on your own high seas adventure within the pages of The Isle of Gold today.

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