The Ultimate Droodles Compendium Book Review from @kleffnotes

Doodles are something almost everyone does either out of boredom or because they just can’t keep still. Now while doodles are well known you might not be as familiar with droodles. Yes, you read that right, Droodles. These very specific creations are something Roger Price was well known for. For the current generation Roger Price was one of the creators of Mad Libs, which was just one of the many things he accomplished in his life. His collected works of Droodles are collected and being re-released by Fritz Holznagel with a foreword from Leonard Maltin in The Ultimate Droodles Compendium for a new group of readers as well as for fans of the originals.

Following a brief introduction by the collector of the work, readers are presented with an original essay by Price that explains that Droodles are a new way to waste your time. He not only emphasizes that you can waste your time, but also teach others how to do it through his work. This sets up the idea of just how whimsical these Droodles will be. The word itself is always capitalized, but to keep you on your toes Price also randomly capitalizes words and takes some other liberties, which have been kept by the Holznagel, with grammar. Price’s Droodles are primarily square images with simple images with remarkably humorous captions. These images are black and white and are something that a number of people could attempt, though some are far more detailed than others. The more difficult versions include an image titled A Chicken with Peoplepox, which is a chicken with small faces on it.

Outside of his square shaped images are advertisements that Price created for a variety of companies, including Lucky Strike cigarettes. The images themselves are primarily so humorous because of their creative captions. Some images even have an additional and far more detailed title provided that will have you in stitches. A section is also devoted to those images that in the modern era would be a bit off color, but were acceptable during a different time period. These are titled Kinda Croodles and do indeed show a different type of humor than a majority of the book. To end the book there is a brief discussion of Price’s personal history, which is a positive way to end this funny read. If you are looking for a casual way to pass the time or a perfect book for guests to leaf through this is the book for you. You can purchase your copy of The Ultimate Compendium of Droodles today.

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