Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On Book Review from @kleffnotes

Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On is the second book in a trilogy by Caesar Rondina. This series is described as a romantic murder mystery that focuses on Allie and David who are trapped in a suspenseful situation connect to murder. They are trying to save themselves and their families as they fight against what seems to be a never ending struggle meant to shatter everything they have. Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On furthers the story and creates a deeper connection between the reader and core characters.

For readers who are coming to this series with the second book, you are conveniently provided with a condensed summary of the events that took place their in the first chapter. I personally started with book two, though not entirely intentionally, and found that the this summary helped me to get into the story quickly and easily. Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On begins with a happy moment, the birth of David and Allie’s child. While both new parents are overjoyed by the new addition to their life, David finds himself pulled back into issues concerning the crime families that he can never seem to completely escape. With wedding bells in the air and everything seemingly so positive, David is shocked when he learns he is considered the prime suspect in the murder. This turns everything upside down as he must try and prove his innocence and protect his family.

Thankfully for David no one truly believes that he could commit the crime he’s been accused of. The downside for him is that whoever did frame him was able to do it during the only time that he doesn’t have a real alibi. With no evidence that he was somewhere else those fighting for his innocence are in a difficult position. This second book in the series is full of drama that will have you wondering if David and Allie will ever be able to truly be happy. As David fights for his innocence, Allie is also working to establish her knew business and her positives help to balance out all of the elements that David is dealing with. Allie’s optimism is also a bright light throughout the story. If you are interested in organized crime and mysteries you will enjoy this book. I will say that once you read this one you will be kept on your toes until you are able to read the third book. You can read Life Through a Mirror: The Battle Rages On today!

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