Persianality @REVRYTV Review from @kleffnotes

Set over the course of one day, Persianality: Persians in Palm Springs stars the first ever Iranian-Jewish Drag queen, HRH The Empress. In the new Revry Original Series Fereshteh Shoorkhaianian, The Empress, is taken on a surprise getaway by her husband, Bijan, but the trip is anything, but relaxing. Hilarious antics abound as this high class couple finds themselves having to function without assistants.

While The Empress herself was often ostracized in the Jewish-Iranian community as a queer child, she was still inspired by the strong Persian women that surrounded her. This acted as the starting point for creating this largely improvised series that both parodies and pays homage to elements of her own life. As The Empress, she has been been able to create a persona that manifests all of the adversity she has faced and then use that to create art through a variety of mediums including comedy and acting. Through her hard work and perseverance she has been able to flourish in a world that still struggles to accept LGBTQ+ people.

From the very start the physical comedy elements of Persianality are hilarious. Pillows fall off couches, the pavement proves difficult for heels, and The Empress is shocked by what her husband tells her. The couple is staying at an Airbnb and there is absolutely no one there except for them, which she finds completely unacceptable. There is just so much to make you laugh in this series. Some of the other highlights are The Empress swimming in heels, Bijan trying to relax in a hot tub, and the fictional price tags that pop up on screen. The episodes are super short and you can finish the entire thing, plus the epic blooper reel, in under 30 minutes, which makes it the perfect lunch break binge. You can watch Persianality: Persians in Palm Springs on Revry today!

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