The Bi Line: Nymph and Zyra Comics ( @ZYRAComics ) from @kleffnotes

This year at ClexaCon while wandering Artist Alley I noticed a table with some super exciting merch I hadn’t seen anywhere else yet. On this specific table was not only Couple-ish art, but buttons. I was hooked and had to buy them. I chatted with one of the people behind the table and they mentioned that there was also an online comic that I could check out. Now they had me with Couple-ish, but I was definitely stoked to check out the comic. For this Bi-Line I’m focusing on Zyra Comics and their digital comic, Nymph.

Nymph is set in a mystical world and right from the start you are in for a surprise. While it appears that a fairy-like being is going to help someone in distress instead she sweetly kills the person in front of them. It is so creepy to see something so sweet decide to just kill someone, and it seems like this will just be the first of many kills to come. In the set up we learn that this being, Lyric, is taking the life force from all of the Zyrians, including the mer and fae. In another part of the kingdom, we meet a crew of four people. They are meeting together in a bar where one of them is drinking soy sauce. Yep, you read that right, apparently soy sauce can get Meranders very drunk. Our soy sauce drinking friend is Nerida, a merander or mermaid, who comes from a royal knight family and has the rare ability to control water. With the encouragement of her mother she trained to become a soldier and is now one of the four relic guardians. These relics aren’t mentioned in Chapter One, but they are mentioned in the character bios and will be important going forward.

Iris is the daughter of a love god and Nerida points out that she is definitely a sex goddess herself. When a war took place between the gods and the Andrians her father disappeared and after years of waiting she felt spurred to collect the four relics. She is also dating one of the other guardians, Artemis. Unlike the other guardians, Artemis tries to be a pacifist, though she is often pressed into having to commit violence. She was found abandoned as a baby and raised by an Andrian woman. This upbringing led her to become a protector and hunter for her village, but she personally is a vegan. Majeia is an actual fairy princess and became a guardian a bit by chance when she found a chalice in her father’s castle. She is well loved and in the first chapter we learn is remarkably obsessed with flowers. The first chapter teases some of the delights to come with this book and I am curious to see what happens going forward. I am a huge fan of Rat Queens and Nymph gives me a slightly more fae vibe, but feels like it would be a perfect read for people who enjoy the other comic. The art for the main characters is really great and I think Artemis might be my favorite so far. Nerida is also intense and rocks some very cool armor. Outside of Nymph, Zyra Comics can do custom work and they link to both some of Jordyn’s writing and Peyton’s art gallery. If you are looking to support some great creators make sure to check out Zyra Comics today.

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