Rogue Strike Book Review from @kleffnotes

David Ricciardi is back with a brand new sequel to his acclaimed debut novel, Warning Light. Zac Miller has survived to fight another day, but the CIA analyst now goes by the name Jake Keller. As a field agent in Rogue Strike, he and his partner Curt Roach are in Yemen to interrupt a secret meeting between top al-Qaeda leaders. When their drone refuses to respond and then completely changes course on its own, the two men find themselves being blamed for a disaster they never expected. Keller and Roach must find a way to clear their names and keep ahead of the people who are trying to take them down.

After losing control of their drone, Keller and Roach believe that they have been set up by their superior Ted Graves, but as they scramble to make sense of what happened, while also trying to stay safe, they can’t be sure what to believe. As the danger escalates around them Keller finds himself having to take on responsibilities that fall outside of his apprentice-like status under Roach. The two men are on the run, but this does not mean they are alone. Their investigation begins to tie into a much larger international plan that they had never expected. Over the course of the story readers are given a glimpse of a variety of players in this dangerous game for power and political gain, while also following Keller in his fight for survival.

Rogue Strike is the perfect read for thriller fans, especially those who seek out political thrillers along the lines of Jason Bourne or the Mission Impossible franchises. Jake Keller is an intelligent man who is able to adapt to ever changing situations. He is a quick thinking main character who is easy for readers to relate to. Even though you might not be a government agent, you will be able to connect with his strong survival instinct and his powerful sense of right and wrong. Ricciardi crafts a story that is fast paced and constantly full of action packed moments. If you are looking for an exciting read this is the book for you. You can get your copy of Rogue Strike today.

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