Inclusion Book Review ( @PublishPurpose ) from @kleffnotes

Jennifer Brown’s book Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change is designed to open your mind up to the need to diversify workplace environments in order to truly change the world and society as a whole. Her mission is to better the world and allow it to become better by educating people on how the current workplace structures have led to stagnation. In order to open up the doors and allow our workplace to reflect our actual world we all need to work to bring in more diverse voices and people.

To being Brown notes that change makes everyone uncomfortable no matter the level of change you might be experiencing. Just being asked to change your clothes by someone else can cause you to question what is happening and become stressed out, this is also true for major moments of change. Pushing organizations and workplaces to chance and become more diverse can cause both push back and stress in an organization as they transition to a new normal. She mentions that social media has brought diversity and the lack of it in workplaces to the masses in a more visible way. Through social media interactions and discussions elements that are lacking can be shared and a push for change can occur. Not only are there issues with diversity, but even when there are seemingly more diverse companies or organizations people often feel pushed to leave based on things such as microaggressions. These behaviors make employees feel uncomfortable and can lead them to leave, which means businesses lose qualified people due to their inability to support diverse worker populations.

There are also discussions of a variety of ways that change can begin and also how change initiatives can either succeed or fail depending on whether you doubt the difficulties that may arise or you may even make something easy far more difficult, thus causing your own movement to fail. One very important element she examines is the idea of understanding your privilege. While you may want to make change it is important to understand the elements of your life that have be influenced in a positive way due solely based on certain factors including social class and race. Brown does acknowledge that some change is happening already, but there are limits to what has changed. There is a tremendous amount of information and tips for how you can make your workplace more diverse and inclusive that no matter your employment level you can put into practice. Beyond just tips, Brown does include some diagrams and charts to prove her points, which can be beneficial when sharing this information with others. Her book can be used as a gateway to better your workplace and show that there are easy ways that we can all become agents of change. You can get your copy of Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace & The Will To Change today.

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