The Burn Zone Book Review from @kleffnotes

Renee Linnell is a smart woman who has achieved so much in her life from graduating magna cum laude with a double degree, starting five different companies, getting an MBA from NYU, and so much more. She is shocked when she suddenly realizes that she has become brainwashed and has actually be part of a cult. In her memoir The Burn Zone, Linnell discusses how we give up our power and how spiritual seekers can be blinded in their journey to grow and understand yourself. No matter how smart or accomplished you are you can find yourself in a place you never expected and there is always a way out.

Linnell’s life, while impressive, has not been without loss and trauma. As a teenager she lost her father to cancer and after his death her mother spiraled, leading Linnell to feel the need to escape. This turned into a desire to travel and over the years she traveled to multiple countries and allowed herself to experience a number of different things. She was a professional dancer, a surfer, and at one point even a bikini model. Through all of that she felt a desire to move. When she did finally return to her mother, she soon lost her in a way that seemed completely random. These loses, coupled with emotional trauma, eventually led her to take part in meditation courses at the recommendation of a friend. This turned into something much more and Linnell became part of a group that first studied under a woman named Lakshmi and then began studying under her second in command, Vishnu. Linnell was not only studying, but she also began a relationship with Vishnu that further entrenched her in this organization.

The longer she was part of this group the more she began to realize that she had lost a great deal allowing herself to give the leaders everything she had. She had been asked to give up her possessions, she had lost her friends, and she found that her idols were not truly following their own teachings. For years they task Linnell with achieving a number of things, one of which included her getting her MBA, until she is suddenly uninvited from the organization. At this point she can begin her own path outside of the group that she had been a part of for so long. Linnell’s story is one of finding yourself and experiencing the world, both in good and bad ways. It warns against the damage that can happen when you give up your own power, but it also shows the healing that can come from allowing yourself to experience life. Though she has not had the perfect life, she has lived something truly extraordinary and is even now still growing and learning. Get your copy of The Burn Zone today!

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