The Bi Line: Shadowburg ( @stupidlullabies )from @kleffnotes

This is another quick throwback to Artist Alley at ClexaCon, which probably shows how much I either spent in money or spent in the area. On Sunday I wandered around and while that was a day I tried to not spend too much, I did make sure to pick up cards and other info cards to give myself some time to check out artists in more detail. One of the items I picked up was all about something called Shadowburg. I will admit I did think this was a comic at first glance, but it turns out this is actually an online game. As someone who doesn’t typically game the art had me hooked so I thought why not give it a try.

CS Smith is the creator of Shadowburg and before I started the game I spent some time checking out her Tumblr. Not only is the art in the demo game really cool, but the art on her page is fantastic too. If you do a dive into all of Smith’s social media you will find all of the variety of work she does. There are some really great Queliot stuff, including a kiss image and another with peaches and plums. There is just so much diverse work in a variety of styles that Smith has something for everyone when you check out her pages.

Going back to Shadowburg, the game focuses on Zeb Lee who has moved to Shadowburg to try and kickstart his creativity. As he starts looking into the history of his new town he starts to find himself getting into trouble. His cousin Molly is the reason he chose Shadowburg and has been there for about two years with her girlfriend. Molly in her bio is identified as assigned male at birth and currently rocks a very retro pin-upesque style. This suits her well as a retro clothing store owner.

In the game there are two romanceable options for Zeb, which means he can start a relationship with two different character. One of these options is Sean Finnegan, who happens to have lived in Shadowburg his entire life. An animal attack when he was young has left him with some scars, but he is definitely the strong, silent type and doesn’t like to talk about it. Niron Ohkwari was given the name Raweryahsahniron as a youth, but has gone by many names. He works from home as a freelance translator and happens to live across the street from Zeb. Both of these characters seem to have secrets, which seems to fit with Zeb’s research into Shadowburg. The game is text based and super easy to play, even for someone who never games like me. I had fun reading the interactions between characters and the demo is also pretty long. Zeb is a sweet main character and his dynamic with the other character is great. I highly recommend it. You can check out the Shadowburg demo on the official website.

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