Preacher Sam Book Review from @kleffnotes

Sam was once the preacher at the community church, but after revealing some of his marital secrets to his congregation he is now away from the flock and living with his sister. While he personally feels like a bit of a freeloader, Sam works for his sister Dani in her bookstore and deli combination store and acts as a male presence when she thinks it might be helpful. After a bit of a blow up at his nephew’s school, Sam is covering the store by himself when the new preacher comes looking for him and bit of help with something a bit less liturgical and bit more homicidal. Preacher Sam shows the ousted preacher returning to the church to try and find out just what really did happen the night two women seem to have been involved in a deadly meeting.

Cassondra Windwalker crafts a mystery that falls somewhere between thriller and cozy mystery. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a cozy mystery is the type of book where often the main character is a slightly quirky older woman who often owns a business with a fun, often punny name, and winds up thrown into solving a mystery. Sam is not expecting to be pulled into solving a murder, but when the new preacher in town thinks he can get information out of a woman who was found holding the gun over the body of her dead best friend, Sam can’t say no. He knows both of the women and they happen to have been friends with the wife he’s separated from. Not only that, but he works at a slightly quirky named business with his sister, which practically screams cozy mystery lead character.

The murder mystery that evolves over the course of Preacher Sam has you constantly guessing as Sam tries to find out the truth. Amanda, the woman accused of the murder, seems to almost confess to him, but no one believes she could ever do anything like this. Her best friend he learns did some strange things a little while before the murder and there is something odd about her husband, but no one thinks he took enough interest in his wife to do anything to her. As he tries to follow every standard lead, the case continues to bring him back to his wife and into the secrets of the people in the church. If you are a murder mystery fan, Preacher Sam is a great read for you. You can get your copy today and dive into this surprising read.

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