Mischief and Mayhem Book Review from @kleffnotes

Emerging author Samuel David Nicholson always had a vivid imagination and after graduating from Florida State University and moving to Virginia Beach, he let his imagination take hold again and he took this time to evolve an idea into his first book. Mischief and Mayhem introduces the world to The Faerland Chronicles. When a long dormant dark presence emerges in the realm of the Faers Ophelia Meplewood and her Woodland Scout companions will have to try and bring balance and prevent chaos from reaching other realms.

Ophelia is just nineteen years old and was living as a thief before someone connected to the Willow King found her. He felt that her remarkable speed would be perfect for adding her to their scouting team. In order to save the Faerland this group is tasked with going to the human realm and finding allies. A peace had been established following the rise of dark spirits and bloodshed, but the king who fought for peace is gone. Early on Ophelia loses one of her companions, but a human is added to their ranks. As she tries to understand what appear to be growing powers Ophelia is also trying to make sense of the human with them. The king of the Woodland believes that Ophelia could be a powerful force for the kingdom, but first she must understand her powers. While she can heal, there is also a level of malevolence that rises out of her without her control. With rebels and terrible forces abounding Ophelia must learn how to use her powers for good, even though they may be pushing her to do dark deeds.

Mischief and Mayhem establishes not only the history of the Faerlands, but reveals how powers have come to rise within the shadows. There are those who have found themselves pushed into serving dark beings who work in death and betrayal, but with all of this darkness there are new allies. Humans and other beings are coming to the side of the Woodland Kingdom. Beyond a variety of fae, Nicholson also includes a surprising werewolf like figure. With everything happening Ophelia’s journey to understand her powers and the force inside of her is intriguing. Her power is so strong, but beyond that the fact that the other entity within her allows her to do so much more than even the king expected. If you enjoy mythical tales and battles of mythological proportions this book is a pitch perfect read. You even get a tease of the next book in the series, which will have you hooked. The first book in The Faerlands Chronicles, Mischief and Mayhem is out now.

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