Leaves on Frozen Ground Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in Port Landing, Wisconsin Leaves on Frozen ground is noted as an artful examination of family. With similarities to the work of Arthur Miller, this modern tragedy shows the lives of ordinary people dealing with misfortune. Gaston and his wife Celine live with their son Edmund happily, but as the seasons change so to do the relationships between this tight knit unit.

This story falls within the sort of slice of life work that examines the dynamic between the members of the Vaillancourt family. Celine acts as our primary point of contact within the book and through her we are able to see how she perceives the rest of the family. When her son Edmund brings home two puppies an instant bond is formed. The larger dog, Cloud, is surprisingly timid and bonds with her husband and the smaller dog Breeze acts as a constant companion to Edmund. While at first their lives seem perfect the farm begins to struggle and so does Gaston’s contracting work. Celine tries to understand and deal with her husband’s changing moods as well as her son’s growing independence. Dave Carty delves deeply into the beautifully tragic story of this family living with struggles and lose.

Leaves on Frozen Ground is a story that will fill you with emotion throughout. Celine is trying so hard to make everything work, but when the issues continue to mount Gaston’s behavior becomes more aggressive and frustrated. Coupled with all of this are tragic moments of loss involving the beloved animals in the family, though this is not always tied entirely to life and death. With money being so tight love for an animal must be sacrificed for the sake of money. In a brief interlude readers also get to see the love that the animals have for their human family. Breeze is given her own periods where she narrates time with Edmund. Carty does indeed craft a beautiful story that those who enjoy dramatic reads will enjoy. I will warn you that you might want to have a tissue or two on hand. You can order your copy of Leaves on Frozen Ground today.

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