Marigold Star Book Review from @kleffnotes

Title character, Marigold Star is on a quest to learn just what her super power is. In the city of Brambycrumbly she has always had a star above her head, which means she is destined for greatness. The downside for her is that she doesn’t think she is particularly great at, except making friends. When her star starts flickering she finds herself suddenly in the human world and not only that, but her wand has wound up in the hands of a girl who insists she doesn’t like anyone. Marigold might always try to find the best in others and this journey will push her to find out what is best about herself in Elise Primavera’s middle grade book Marigold Star.

With her star blinking, Marigold decides that she is going to master the invisibility spell to prove she can successfully perform magic spells. When she casts the spell it works, but not the way it is supposed to. Her wand is suddenly invisible and the only way to find it is to cast a different sort of invisibility spell. This one is designed to make you visible to only the friend who needs you most. Marigold thinks this is the perfect solution and is shocked when this spell drops her into the bedroom of a girl in the human world. Not only that, but this girl can see her. In order to reverse the spell she cast on herself, Marigold must get this girl, Winnie, who has no other friends, to befriend her. This difficult quest to befriend a girl who insists on not having friends involves ghosts, magic carpets, and so much more as Marigold tries to find out what her magic power is and keep her star from blinking.

Marigold Star is a sweet read that shows that friendship can be found even when you aren’t expecting it. As the story progresses Marigold meets more people who struggle with making friends and who find a source of connection and understanding in Marigold. She is able to bring people together and finds herself learning that she does have magic inside of her. This is a wonderful story for middle grade readers and shows how much difference being someone’s friend can make. Marigold sets up the idea that magic can come from friendship and that while you might not be looking for a friend you can find one when you open yourself up to the possibility. Primavera’s illustrations are also a great addition to this story and add a whimsical element. You can get your copy of Marigold Star today.

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