Little Lovely Things Book Review from @kleffnotes

Maureen Joyce Connolly’s debut novel, Little Lovely Things, is a book that will keep you on edge until the very end. This page-turner story focuses on Claire, who is finishing up her final year of residency while trying to balance being a wife and mother. One day as she rushes to drop off her daughters at daycare she finds herself succumbing to a violent allergic reaction. She wakes up in shock in a gas station bathroom with no idea what has happened to her daughters. This contemporary fiction work is told through four different voices is full of emotion and love in this hauntingly tragic plot.

Little Lovely Things moves very quickly, starting almost immediately with the abduction of Claire’s daughters Andrea and Lily. With no leads the investigation seems to be going nowhere when someone finds something truly heartbreaking. Jay has always been gifted in some ways. He experiences these feelings and one night he feels drawn to a scene that pulls him into the investigation. As his feelings continue he begins to get a glimpse of who might have been involved in the disappearances of the girls. For readers we have been shown two Irish Travelers, a man and a woman, who thought that these two girls would be the best chance for them to start a new life of their own. Claire is struggling to cope with everything that has happened to her family, but through Jay she finds hope that there can be some sort of happiness within this terrible story.

As the plot in this story evolves we see how tragedy can destroy a family. With no immediate leads, even with Jay’s psychic input, the case slowly begins to grow cold. Claire and her husband find themselves coping with loss and the the tremendous unknown. This strain on a marriage is often two much and as they both try to work through their feelings in their own way they begin to pull apart. We not only see a change in Claire’s life, but other lives are altered by the day of the abduction. Connolly crafts a rich story that is full of emotion and grief. Outside of that it works to show love and how much can be lost and gained in a life when love is there. You will want to keep reading this book from start to finish without putting it down. There is so much complexity within the narrative and as each element evolves you will want to know how each of these pieces all tie together. This is the perfect read for those who enjoy slow burning fiction that keeps you guessing. You can get your copy of Little Lovely Things today.

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