The Bi Line: This Comic Has Everything! from @kleffnotes

During Pride Month I went on a hunt to find books and movies that would help me to grow my understanding of different people within the LGBTQ+ community. Now I will admit I was trying to save a bit of money so I stuck to streaming services and library related apps. In my quest for knowledge I watched all of the series Gaycation, the documentary Growing Up Coy, and a few other assorted shows and movies that were recommended in various Pride watch lists. While I was watching I also did a bit of a deep dive into comics and books on the Hoopla app, this app shares digital books you can read through an account connected to your library card and many libraries use this program. During this hunt I found Gender Queer, a touching memoir that I mentioned on Twitter immediately after I finished it, and I also found the comic I want to focus on today, Ask Me About Polyamory.

I personally do not have an experience with polyamory or poly relationships, but I had previously watched some of You Me Her, I am about a million episodes behind on that series, and more recently Nicole Pacent from one of my favorite podcasts, Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole, has been very open about her poly relationship status. The fact that it has been appearing on that podcast I thought that I should find out more about the topic. Ask Me About Polyamory happened to pop up in my Hoopla search for LGBT, I tried Pride since it was the month of June and wound up with a lot of book suggestions about lions. This book is a collection of popular the popular webcomic Kimchi Cuddles. Tikva Wolf has been creating a semi-autobiographical comic for years, she mentions in a small comic that she does sometimes tweak situations a bit for her writing, and in it she shares her own experiences as someone who is poly. While the primary focus of the comics are to discuss polyamory and the experiences those who are connected to a poly relationship have, there are also some great discussions of other gender and sexuality topics.

Wolf shares her own thoughts on relationships and many of her tips can be used for even monogamous relationships. These include taking time for yourself and having open conversations. She shows a tremendous amount of wisdom and in her discussions you can see that her heart is so full of love that she just wants to share it with others. As someone with very little knowledge of polyamory this acted as an exceptional crash course for getting a better grasp of how diverse poly relationships can be. There are also comics dedicated to discussing trans issues and concerns. There is one character who opens a number of great dialogues about what it is like to be trans and there is also a gender queer character who discusses their own thoughts on gender. This is all so well done and opens up a great dialogue. The one thing that made me smile tremendously was the inclusion of an asexual person who discussed their own thoughts on asexuality. This stunned me because this book was released in 2016 and even today there is so little discussion of asexual people in the media that I did a little happy dance. I love seeing representation given to portions of the LGBTQ+ community that are often lacking. If you are just looking to learn a little bit this is the perfect book for you and the comics are so fun and funny that you will breeze through it.

You can purchase a copy of Ask Me About Polyamory online or, as I mentioned previously, you should be able to find it on Hoopla.

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