Interview with Andrea Bang from @kleffnotes

Andrea Bang is a new addition to Running With Violet, the YouTube series we are featuring this week in connection to the drop of the second season. She plays Samantha, who is a bit of a party girl with some secrets behind her bubbly personality. You might recognize her from the Canadian comedy, Kim’s Convenience, and she has a recent film releasing soon. Luce, a feature that focuses on a married couple and their thoughts on their marriage has an all star cast, and releases broadly on August 9th. I chatted not just Running With Violet, but everything else Andrea Bang has going on.

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Andrea Bang and I play Samantha in season 2 of Running With Violet. You might recognize me from a show called Kim’s Convenience, or as the girl you saw on the street who was walking really fast. I walk really fast. I’m from Vancouver and spend a lot of time writing and eating too much sugar.

What drew you to Running With Violet?

The power duo of Rebecca (Davey) and MC(Marie Claire Marcotte), and the character. When I read the script, I loved the fact that the character was so different from anything I’ve played before. And to be honest, it’s not someone I would traditionally be casted as either. So of course I wanted to be a part of the team. Plus, the scripts are a lot of fun and it was great to see so many dynamic and interesting female characters!

As a new character for Season Two, could you share your thoughts on your character and what it was like bringing something new to the series?

I play Samantha, a cosmetics-pushing party girl. She is the counterpart to Xorge (played by the hilarious Amy Matysio). She lives a very different life from Jolene and Miranda. In that way, she’s there to mix things up. And it’s always a huge blast to enter a pre-set world and eff it up a bit. And as the newbies, we definitely bring some dramarama to the lady’s lives!

Would you be able to sell cosmetics like Samantha does?

No, because Samantha is one-of-a-kind. She’s lively and persistent. I’d buy from her. But from me, Andrea, I used to work in retail to overcome some of my shyness and came to the conclusion that I’m not a very good salesperson. Haha. I’d probably set up the sales party and not show up. Whereas Samantha would be front and center, greeting everyone.

What were some of your favorite on set moments?

Running with Violet was so much fun to film. For me, my favourite moments were witnessing these badass women around me doing their thing. I remember there was a scene where MC, Rebecca and I were waiting outside to enter Xorge/Sam’s place and the two of them were on their phones putting out fires (they’re also the showrunners). Then they would put on their actor hat and immediately be in the scene at “action”. But the minute “cut” was yelled, they’d be back to putting out fires. My brain would explode at that kind of multi-tasking. Then there’s Joyce, the director. She hurt her foot on-set and limped around with a DIY crutch the rest of the day because the show must go on. Then she was in crutches the rest of the shoot. It’s nuts I tells ya!

You also appear in the comedy, Kim’s Convenience, could you discuss your role on that show a bit?

Kim’s Convenience is a comedy series about a Korean-Canadian family that run a convenience store in Toronto.  I play “Janet”, the daughter. She’s a photography student at OCAD and works at her parent’s convenience store for money and free groceries. She loves her family and is trying to figure out who she is and life in general. We’re currently filming our 4th season, with the other 3 released on CBC Gem and Netflix.

Are there any other projects you can mention?

I got to be a part of some really cool projects. One being a film called Luce, which premiered at Sundance and is getting released to some theatres on August 2. It’s based on a play by J.C. Lee, about a married couple who are forced to reconsider their idealized image of their adopted son when his teacher brings up an alarming discovery. It’s directed by Julilus Onah and stars Kelvin Harrison Jr., Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer and Tim Roth.

I also got to be do a couple of short films by 2 awesome local directors: 1) Under the Supermoon by Larica Perera about a grieving family trying to make sense of their loss when one of their own dies by suicide. 2) Celeste and Moulee Til the End of the World by Celeste Koon about a woman and her rabbit in the aftermath of an apocalyptic catastrophe. Both are finished and stay tuned for future screenings.

Where can our readers keep up with you online?

@iandreabang on Twitter

@andrea.bang on Instagram

Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Twitter, @thenerdygirlexp. You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, on my blog,, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel.

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