Deep Water Blues Book Review from @kleffnotes

From the author of Searching for Bobby Fischer, Fred Waitzkin, Deep Water Blues is inspired by a true story and tells the story of a Bahamian island that became the battleground for a pirate war. Bobby Little built his own paradise on the island of Rum Cay. While the island life was something people flocked to, Bobby and his larger than life personality were the rule lures. When a tragedy strikes the island swiftly changes and tourists no longer wish to visit these once exotic shores. Bobby finds himself fighting against a new sort of entrepreneur and the water begins to run red with blood, but there might be someone who can help find a way to return the island to its former glory.

The captain of the Ebb Tide acts as our stories narrator. He begins by establishing the history of the island as he remembers it. Rum Cay is a beautiful place full of diverse representations of life, but while the island may be full of tourists, there are great moments of tragedy. When a boat capsizes dozens of lives are lost and Bobby is one of the many people trying to save lives and by the next day recover the bodies of the victims. Beyond this tragedy, there is also a man from Miami who manages to convince Bobby to give him control of 51 percent in a small hamburger bar. While Bobby is away this entrepreneur, Dennis, has managed to grow his property roughly four times it was meant to be and beyond that visitors have completely disappeared. As this story progresses Bobby finds himself being ousted from his former life of luxury by Dennis and his own plans. This leads to tensions that are heightened as mysterious deaths begin to happen.

Deep Water Blues tells a story focused on two men fighting for control of an island at any cost. While Bobby has found his own happiness in some ways, what he loved about the island has been taken from him by Dennis, who wants Bobby gone. While he might control most of the island’s property now, Bobby is still a threat to what he now holds. Throughout this story mysterious elements of tragedy arise and our narrator provides his own thoughts and experiences with the island. As someone outside of this drama, he is able to also share more about the island and what he once loved about it. As the story unfolds you will question everything and every action Bobby and Dennis make in their fight for the island. This true crime style story will leave you guessing even after the final page. Throughout the book there are also illustrations that fit perfectly with the story.   You can get your copy of Deep Water Blues today.

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