Lions of the Sky Book Review from @kleffnotes

Fighter pilots are the most alpha of the alpha in terms of flying and in this field competition is everything. Lions of the Sky focuses on Sam Richardson, a fighter pilot’s pilot, who is a reluctant legend with a dark secret. He has been fulfilling a tour as an instructor and is desperate to return to the real action. When he is told he must complete one more course, this one will push him to confront the secrets he has kept hidden. Written by Francesco “Paco” Chierici, a ten year active duty pilot in the U.S. Navy and then a pilot in the Reserves and commercially after that, Chierici knows the field and his expertise adds to his story, which has been touted as “a Top Gun for the new millennium.”

The story moves between Sam “Slammer” Richardson and his students. Readers are taking through drills and maneuvers as well as some elements of their personal lives. Slammer has actually met one of the pilots before in a brief drag race that occurred before the start of this class. Keely Silvers feels at peace in a plane and ever since she was young she knew she wanted to be a pilot. Her skills earn her the name Quick Silvers, but even with her name she still has to finish her course. Drama continues to rise within the students of the course, especially with another female pilot who Slammer nicknames, Dusty. There are also brief forays into conversations happening in China and once the students complete this course Slammer knows that they will be sent to the skies above the South China Sea with real weapons and hidden secrets.

Lions of the Sky shows you the tremendous hard work and dedication involved in becoming a pilot in the military. Those who feel drawn to the sky know that it will be hard and that they will have to be able to work as a team, even with those they don’t get along with. Even though many of the pilots are learning, there are still losses and signs that not everyone will be able to stay in the sky. Chierici emphasizes the skills of these pilots and the connections that are formed through the pressures of learning and being in dangerous situations. As the story nears the end events ramp up and readers watch as characters we’ve connected with are put in dangerous situations. For those who enjoy action movies and particularly military reads and watches this is a book that you should definitely check out. Take to the skies in the pages of Lions of the Sky today.

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