Dorothy and the Glass Key Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dorothy Alston was just fourteen when her father’s drunken behavior led to the death of her mother. She found a new home with her uncle on a farm in Florida, but thirty-four years after these events Dorothy is in a vegetative state and Ellen Steward, an administrator at the rehab facility Dorothy is being kept in, begins unraveling the story of how a glass key led Dorothy to where she is now. In the pages of Dorothy and the Glass Key Ellen will have to make a choice and if she fails to save the woman in her care she may lose may than she ever expected.

When Ellen arrives for work one day she is surprised to find that she has a very full day planned, but with only one patient and that patient’s caretaker. He has brought Dorothy to this facility in the hopes that they can finally help her after years of her being in her current state. Ragesha says that he has known Dorothy since they were both 14 and he has been with her ever since she first fell into this state. Ellen is shocked by this and when he reveals a key to her in their meeting he insists that he has made Dorothy and her story her only meeting for the day. Ragesha then begins describing something fantastical. Dorothy, once moved to Florida, found a strange key that was similar to a boy named Charlie’s. Together the two of them spent time in the woods, but where she was was not where everyone thought she was. When Charlie and Dorothy put their keys together they found themselves in a new world being explored by Ragesha and from there the group became a trio. As they spend more and more time in this mysterious world a villain emerges who seems to be targeting Dorothy.

The story in these pages gets curious and curiouser, while this might not be the story of Alice and her Wonderland, Dorothy’s world is a bit like a Wonderland of sorts. As it unfolds Dorothy’s story becomes more and more complex and linear time seems to go out the window. Dorothy and her two companions in this new world are all from different times and as her journey evolves the story examines time and the paradoxes that can emerge. As a reader this will keep you guessing until the very last page and I will admit I was shocked by the big reveal. There is action, magic, mysterious worlds, and also a deep examination of trauma in life and how this has a ripple effect. If you enjoy interesting tales that span decades all in one story you will love this book. You can get your copy of Dorothy and the Glass Key today!

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