Good Sexual Citizenship Book Review from @kleffnotes

A societal change is happening, which is leading many people to stumble as they try to understand and become more knowledgeable as sexual partners. As we look at the world today it might baffle some people that the idea of victim blaming still exists or that people are judged by the kind of sex that they do or don’t participate in. Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World works to promote empathy and understanding in order to break down hostilities connected to sex. Ellen Friedrichs examines the historical and factual backdrop of gender disparities, women’s rights, sexual violence, and a number of other topics. All of this is designed to help the reader use this information, along with guided exercise, to determine their ability for good sexual citizenship.

With society growing and evolving, people are finding themselves coping with environments in a different way. In the past while sexual harassment or elements of inappropriate behavior might have been accepted in the workplace, now people are acknowledging issues and trying to determine how to deal with them. Beyond that with certain prescribed gender roles relaxing people are finding themselves more able to push away from what has always been accepted or assumed in relationships. This book pushes you to examine your own behavior and how you might be involuntarily pushing back or stagnating in certain regards. By looking at yourself and seeing how you examine societal messages and enforced behaviors. It begins by examining bias in society, then works to examine the shame often associated with sex, and from there covers consent, various sexual questions that could come from young people, and ties up with how you can embrace good sexual citizenship yourself.

Friedrichs does an exceptional job of blending personal experiences and thoughts with the history of various elements of society. Her first chapter is the longest of the book, but sets a solid framework for the rest of the analysis. She examines how thoughts on what is proper behavior for men and women has created a society that believes men are less prone to caring and emotional choices, while women are preordained for this behavior. She strikes down that idea and continues to expand on changes in societal thoughts, including those regarding marriage, consent, and relationships. Good Sexual Citizenship also includes activities that help you to analyze and think over the information being presented in each section. While you do not have to do these activities I would strongly encourage them. This is an educational work that can benefit readers of any age who are looking to gain a better understanding of themselves and how to best help create a world that is safer and more open and understanding. You can pre-order your copy of Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World today.

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