Tatiana’s War Book Review from @kleffnotes

Perry Cockerell’s third book in his trilogy, Tatiana’s War, focuses on Tatiana, who has married fellow journalist Oliver Smith. Their relationship has been shown throughout the course of the books and now Tatiana is focusing on reviewing books exceptionally quickly. She loves to read and is challenging her fellow journalists to do the same. Not only is she working on this project, but she is also investigating Andre’s childhood and his connection with Sister Camille and St. Peter’s Catholic Church. When the journalists receive a script for a strange play revolving around something called the Deep State titled “Fake News” Tatiana finds herself manifesting strange scenes based on books she has read in combination with the comedy play that the theater is putting on. Her dreams are becoming a reality and all of the characters become drawn into them, which leads the reader to question what is real and what is a dream.

While Tatiana is the main focus of this story, there are a number of additional plots that appear throughout. Lanny Ellis returns and he introduces Andre to a mysterious person who gives him a magazine and leads him to his first lead concerning the Deep State. Betty and John are also back and directing the strange “Fake News” play that has arrived. They have cast Tatiana in the play and when she begins visualizing, after hitting her head, she insists that she must find the secret of the universe in order to restore the deposed governor of Alabama to his rightful place. She must also destroy the Deep State and push out the corrupt officials who have taken over the mainstream media. This work is a combination of parody, comedy, irony, and satire with some deep examinations of post traumatic stress as well as topics connected to the universe as a whole.

After a series of fainting spells, Tatiana is taken to the hospital and from that point forward she begins to become very focused on what is truly real and what separates the real from the fake. This leads her to become involved with the idea of visualization and as her memories and thoughts begin to alter with new information the story takes on a mystical and eerie feel. As her mind is expanding, Andre’s story is focused on the conspiracy of the Deep State. All of this continues to grow into a story of mystery and unknowns. Andre is deeply involved in something that may or may not be real, while Tatiana is also on a quest of understanding, which leads her to connect in some ways with Andre’s own journey. Tatiana is using her mind to alter things around her and these powers are something tremendously different from the previous books. Cockerell still provides a tremendous amount of research and well done work in presenting elements of historical fact within his fiction, but he has also delved into a new genre by adding mysterious elements to this story. If you are intrigued by complex stories that bend genres, Tatiana’s War is a perfect read for you.

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